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Order any TracFone handset for $19.99 or more before 12/21/09 and get free overnight shipping!



Grab a reconditioned TracFone Moto W376g with Double Minutes For Life for only $19.99.

Plus, get a FREE Skinit (a $14.99 value) AND a 60 Minute Airtime Card that doubles to 120 minutes when you add it to this phone!

If you order before 12/21/09, you'll get free overnight shipping!

Amazing phone! Fantastic deal!

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Depending on where you live, you should consider the LG290C phone from TracFone. It's a CDMA handset which means that if you use an LG200C or LG3280, you can now get a cool slider phone with Bluetooth and a 1.3 megapixel camera!

The LG290C comes with Double Minutes For Life so every minute you purchase is doubled for as long as you own the phone!

Want to learn more?

To see if the LG290C is available where you live, click here!

A GREAT second (or third) phone.

Of course, TracFone is a great primary phone. As the least expensive way to own a cell phone in the country, it's a perfect replacement for a landline. Why pay for a home phone when you can replace it with a TracFone?

Many people have TracFones for their business. They know when it rings, it's a customer and they can keep business and personal calls separate.

Others may find that a TracFone strictly dedicated to specific purposes can be a smart idea.

It can be a VERY good way to help manage your affairs, so to speak.

Just sayin'.

User-made TracFone Commercial

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