An image problem for TracFone? LOL!

Now that TracFone has a QWERTY phone and a Touch Screen Phone (LG 500G and LG 800G), their reputation may be in jeopardy.

People who thought of them as low-end and downmarket may have to think again!

Sure, they're not Androids or iPhones.

But a QWERTY TracFone for under 30 bucks is pretty wild.

And a genuine Touch Screen TracFone for under 50 bucks is nothing less than revolutionary.

And no contract? No bills? Pay as you go?

That may even be MORE revolutionary, though it's nothing new for TracFone.


Your way

No, it's not Mickey D's but Tracfone can also say that they let you have it your way.

You choose a phone, buy it, activate it, add airtime and that's that.

Talk and text. No contract. No bills.

Add more airtime when you like.


Click here to get Tracfone.

Upgrade whenever

Remember: There's no such thing as a "free" telephone if you're signing a contract.

I had a contract phone for a while. First it was from AT&T, then BellSouth, then Cingular, then back to AT&T -- and I never changed companies! (But that's another story.)

This was a while ago and cell phones were still new-ish. They were also kind of big and every few years, when they came out with a newer, smaller model, I had to sign yet another two-year contract to get one.

The phone was supposedly free, but I knew that I was paying for it every month with all the money I was being charged for making calls.

Tthat's how it works; there's no such thing as a "free" telephone if you're signing a contract.

And that brings us to TracFone.

You want to upgrade?

Go ahead.

Buy a new TracFone and when you activate it, port over your old number.

It's a very easy and painless process. And best of all, no contract is required.

If you'd like to purchase a new TracFones (or upgrade), please click here.