Keep your business and personal affairs separate

Of course, TracFone is a great primary phone. As the least expensive way to own a cell phone in the country, it's a perfect replacement for a landline. Why pay for a home phone when you can replace it with a TracFone?

And if you use a cell phone, why bother signing a contract and getting a bill every month?

Many people have TracFones for their business. They know when it rings, it's a customer so they can keep business and personal calls separate.

Others may find that a TracFone strictly dedicated to specific purposes can be a smart idea.

It can be a VERY good way to help manage your affairs, so to speak.

Just sayin'.

Why the great coverage

It's not a secret... but maybe it is since you never hear them talk about it.

But we will.

TracFone uses the power of Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. When you're using a TracFone, you're on one of those networks.


Well that explains why TracFone gets such amazing coverage everywhere.


People are astonished when they get a signal on their humble little TracFones in places that the expensive phones get NOTHING.

It's amazing but true. Three networks.

On TracFone, no less!