TracFone vs. iPhone

Double Minutes For Life

What's the catch?

There isn't one.

It's pretty straightforward, actually.

Every minute you purchase for your TracFone is doubled for as long as you own the phone.

Oh, it's not transferable to another handset, and bonus (free) minutes are not doubled. But for every minute you buy, you get another one, free.

How can you grab this great deal?

Either purchase a Double Minutes For Life (DMFL) card or buy a new TracFone that comes with DMFL.

They're available from the TracFone website or retailers everywhere, including Target and Walmart.

Even has 'em. Here's a phone with free DMFL from Amazon for only $29.99!

Check out this blog post from a TracFone fan that explains DFML in a bit more detail, with some hints and recommendations.

Starting a business?

A friend of ours is starting a new business. She needed a phone with a local number since her old phone was from her hometown with a "long distance" number.

She bought a TracFone Motorola W376g with Double Minutes For Life, Bluetooth and a camera for $29.99. (Free shipping, too!)

With Double Minutes For Life, her ongoing costs were cut in half. And the pay-as-you-go minutes were inexpensive and easy to manage, so she could easily control her expenses.

It's a simple flip phone, but after she makes her first (or second) million, she can spend lots of money on phone bling. (But her customers won't know the difference in the meantime.)If you'd like to buy a Motorola W376g with Double Minutes For Life, please click here.

Why Prepaid?

Don't waste money.

A few years ago, cell phones as big as bricks were used only by CEOs, politicians and emergency workers. Now, they’re necessities and just about everyone has one… from kids to grandparents.

In Europe, cell phones are usually sold without contracts, but in the U.S., most of us have contracts and get monthly bills with fees and other charges that we usually don’t understand.

But a growing number of people are fed up. And they’re doing something about it.

The growing popularity of no-contract phones is no accident. People don’t mind paying a fair price but no one likes getting ripped off. In this economy, things that give us great value at low cost must be considered seriously — especially when they’re things we really need, like phones and service!

That’s why prepaid phones are so appealing: No bills, contracts or funky hidden charges. You simply buy minutes and airtime as you need them. Talk and text as much as you like! Just pay up front.

Save your money. It adds up!

TracFone saves: Do the math

This guy is a techy and an analyst. He has no use for anecdotal and intuitive information; it's either empirical or fuhgeddaboutit.

So it was with great interest that we read his recent blog post where he concluded that even when paying Verizon's early termination fee, TracFone was a better deal!

But don't take our word for it. Click on the image or click here and see for yourself!

Good deal multiplied!

An LG225 is a very nice camera phone. Paying $29.95 for it is sweet. Getting free ground shipping on the purchase is a beautiful thing. A free accessory kit for the phone is awesome. But getting Double Minutes For Life along with everything else is incredible.!

Put 'em all together and you have a terrific deal.

Go for it!

Click here to get yours!

Back To School

We came upon a nice blog post recently.

A parent was getting their child ready for college and complaining about the expense. On top of everything else, the kid's dorm room didn't have a landline, so it was necessary to get a cellphone. But the parent never had a cellphone and expenses were mounting. What to do?

Get a TracFone.

Here's what they wrote: There is cable television in every room, but there are no landline telephones! We’ve never used cell phones, and we are not going to take on an unnecessary monthly bill, so we bought a prepaid tracfone. We got a very good deal on it!

Makes perfect sense!

$17.5 Million to settle "Early Termination" lawsuit

Here's an interesting item: "A proposed national settlement has been reached in a class action proceeding alleging that Sprint, Nextel and/or Sprint Nextel's use of a flat-rate early termination fee (ETF) in its customer wireless agreement violate the Federal Communications Act and consumer protection laws of the states and of the United States. Sprint Nextel denies any liability or wrongdoing but has agreed to settle under the terms of the Settlement Agreement."

So Sprint denies any liability but is going to pay big bucks to make this go away.

Bottom line: why would anyone have a phone with a contract? It's pretty clear that the contract phone companies are the only parties that benefit from the contract. Users don't.

Prepaid cell phones are the way to go. No contracts are necessary!

TracFone Not BlingPhone

I've been poking around the Internet a bit, as usual. One of the things that I've discovered is that TracFone users seem to be loners.

There aren't hundreds of TracFone fan clubs or users' groups. Or if there are, I haven't found very many.

Not sure why. Maybe it's because TracFones aren't particularly sexy; they mostly appeal to people who want to talk and text and save money.

The phones themselves are good, but they don't make coffee, shoot flames or cure erectile dysfunction. They just allow users to talk, text, surf the Web... that sort of thing.

They're phones, not bling.

Regardless, here's a great resource, with links to info on TracFone and other relevant stuff. There's also a link to the Yahoo TracFone Users' Group... which I will definitely check out. LOL!

Buy a Phone with Double Minutes For Life

The Motorola W376g is less than 30 bucks and comes with Free Double Minutes For Life.


Sharing is a beautiful thing

I'm not greedy. I'm generous.

Whenever I have something, I like to share.

My neighbor dropped off a bunch of tomatoes last week but the week before, I gave him some fish I caught on my vacation. I had plenty and my freezer was full. Sharing is a beautiful thing.

So in that spirit, please allow me to share a a promo code for a FREE accessory kit. Just enter it in the appropriate place (you'll see) when you order your TracFone online.

It's 88160.

Oh, and be sure to order a TracFone that comes with Double Minutes For Life, too.

Is TracFone "disposable"?

I heard some bozo the other day refer to my TracFone as "a disposable phone."

"Excuse me? What does that mean exactly?"

Well, the guy was a friend so I was polite, but he stammered and stuttered and said something about it being "disposable" because I didn't have a contract.

That's what made it "disposable?" The fact that I didn't have a stupid, expensive contract that tied me to my cell-phone provider for two years (or more) made my phone "disposable"?!?

I think not.

The fact is that my TracFone gets great reception and saves me tons of money. I didn't have to sign up for two years, go through a credit check or subject myself to bills with crazy charges and screwy fees for things I don't want... and sure as hell don't want to pay for, either.

I don't understand why prepaid phones don't get the love they deserve. My cousin lived in Europe for a a few months for his jobs and told me that most phones over there are prepaid. So what is the big deal?

I think we're been brainwashed. Maybe it's because we think that signing a contract to use a phone is normal and natural. It isn't.

In fact, I think the contract is what needs to be disposable. ASAP!

Double up

I'm kind of astonished that people aren't going nuts about Double Minutes For Life.

It's really an amazing deal: half-off on minutes for as long as you own your phone.

Some TracFones come with it already which is awesome but you can buy a card and get it too.

Here's a link to check it out.