TracFones for Elder Safety

From Knoxville, TN's

"If you care for someone who lives alone, checking on them could be complicated by poor road conditions and communication. That's where a safety network comes in, said Waters.

One alternative is purchasing a prepaid cellphone that will work even if phone lines are down. TracFones and other similar prepaid phones are available for as little as $10 at retailers like Target. You can activate the phone and then buy cards to add additional minutes. Minutes also have expiration dates though, so be careful.

If your elderly loved one does not have a cellphone, a TracFone used for emergency purposes, may be a good idea.

'This is a good time to remind people to set up networks of safety. Perhaps the neighbors next door to reach out, and befriend neighbors of neighbors, and neighbors of family members so that they can also look out for one another," said Waters.'"

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