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Now that you have your TracFone, take the next step: activate it!

As soon as you do, you'll immediately receive 60 days of Service and 30 Minutes.

It's fast, easy and a nice deal!

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Grab a reconditioned TracFone Moto W376g with Double Minutes For Life for only $19.99.

Plus, get a FREE Skinit (a $14.99 value) AND a 60 Minute Airtime Card that doubles to 120 minutes when you add it to this phone!

If you order before 12/21/09, you'll get free overnight shipping!

Amazing phone! Fantastic deal!

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Depending on where you live, you should consider the LG290C phone from TracFone. It's a CDMA handset which means that if you use an LG200C or LG3280, you can now get a cool slider phone with Bluetooth and a 1.3 megapixel camera!

The LG290C comes with Double Minutes For Life so every minute you purchase is doubled for as long as you own the phone!

Want to learn more?

To see if the LG290C is available where you live, click here!

A GREAT second (or third) phone.

Of course, TracFone is a great primary phone. As the least expensive way to own a cell phone in the country, it's a perfect replacement for a landline. Why pay for a home phone when you can replace it with a TracFone?

Many people have TracFones for their business. They know when it rings, it's a customer and they can keep business and personal calls separate.

Others may find that a TracFone strictly dedicated to specific purposes can be a smart idea.

It can be a VERY good way to help manage your affairs, so to speak.

Just sayin'.

User-made TracFone Commercial

How cute is this?
Awesome. Love it!

Is TracFone Right For You?

Simplify your life with TracFone.
  • TracFone is for everyone: easy to use, reliable and inexpensive.
  • Phones and airtime options fit any budget, every lifestyle.
  • Easy: Choose your phone, buy & activate airtime and you’re good to go!
  • No activation fees, cancellation charges or monthly bills.
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Are you stuck with a contract cell phone?

  • Paying $40, $50 or more every month?
  • Shocked by bills with hidden fees?
  • Gouged with punitive charges and cancellation penalties?
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Already use a prepaid cell phone?
  • Go with #1. TracFone is America’s #1 prepaid wireless company.
  • Easy to add minutes and days of service: pay as you go, no contract annual and monthly plans.
  • Manage and control usage: Your phone’s patented airtime-balance display shows remaining minutes and service-end date.
  • Money-saving unlimited carry-over minutes and service days. Buy more and add to your TracFone with active service.

Why do nearly 10 million people chose TracFone?

TracFone lets everyone use their cell phone the way they want to!

• No bills
• No contracts
• No obligations

TracFone, America’s prepaid wireless leader is a subsidiary of America Movil, which has more cellular customers than AT&T and Verizon combined.

• Talk and text from nearly everywhere in the U.S.
• The best phones from top manufacturers: LG, Kyocera, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung.
• Easy to get minutes and days of service: pay as you go and no-contract annual & monthly plans
• Never worry about overspending or high cell phone bills.
• Teach your kids to budget and manage their spending.
• Be prepared for emergencies. TracFone provides the safety and convenience of reliable cell phone service that's ready when you need it.

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Parlez-vous TracFone?

It's great to see the word get out on how cool TracFone is -- even if the word is in French!

Our French isn't too sharp, but we understood that this French Canadian visitor to the States was blown away by the low cost of TracFone.

Particularly impressive was the low international rate, and the ability to set up ten numbers in Canada so family members and friends could call the U.S. TracFone directly at no extra cost. (This also works in Mexico, btw.)

Here's a link to an English translation of the blog post. Merci!

Good call!

Making phone calls can be good business. Why?

E-mail is fine to communicate. It can be direct and semi-formal, and it leaves a trail. But it's not always immediate and is rarely as personal as a phone call. The power of the human voice is formidible!

Here's a terrific essay by high-tech goddess Gina Trapani, founder (and author) of Lifehacker (the website and the book) on the value of making phone calls.

Justin Ditched His iPhone For A TracFone!

We got a big laugh from reading Justin Wright's awesome blog post, "6 Reasons Why I Ditched My iPhone." It's funny, outrageous -- and true.

As cool as iPhones are, he paid way too much for the privilege of owning one -- every month! He also had some "issues" in dealing with AT&T, so he's very pleased to not have to interact with them again.

But the thing that really knocked us out was the 4th item on his list: "I Bought A Tracfone".

Here's what Justin wrote: "You read the right. I’ve upgraded from an iPhone to a Tracfone. Look how badass my new Motorola phone is. Not only is it lighter than my old iPhone, but it’s smaller. It even traveled forward in time from 1997. Best of all, it even has the one application I constantly used on my iPhone: a calculator.

I did a ton of research before canceling my iPhone plan because I wanted to keep the phone number just in case people still call it. So I knew that getting a prepaid cell phone was my best option. When I went to the store I wasn’t sure which phone I was going to get but I ended up with the Tracfone. The main reason being that I only need to add 20 bucks every three months to keep the phone active. That comes out at roughly $6.67 a month for my cell phone.

I also opted for one of the phones that doubles your minutes for life. Even better, I also managed to find a promo code online for some extra minutes and an extra month worth of service. I now have over 280 minutes and don’t have to add any until April of next year. Those minutes will easily cover the call and text messages I make while not at home. It will mainly be used for emergencies or when I really need to get in touch with someone.

Porting my number was really simple. I just went on to Tracfone’s website and started the port process. They automatically canceled my AT&T account once the port came over to this phone."

Using SMS (Texts) to update Facebook

Whether you have a phone equipped with Mobile Web Access or not, if you can send a short text (6 digits), you can update your status on Facebook. (You can also receive friends' Facebook updates, if you like.) Complete instructions are on Facebook's site.

You must sign in to your account first. Once you do, here's how to get started: After signing in, click on "Settings" on the blue bar on the top of the screen, just to the right of your name.

That will take you to this page, "My Account." Just click on the link (circled below) for "Mobile."

That will take you here. Click on "Register for Facebook Mobile Texts" (circled below).

You'll then see this (below).

You can choose any carrier. TracFone isn't listed, but it doesn't seem to matter. It's probably an internal Facebook thing and should not affect your ability to text.

We tried AT&T, Cellcom, Verizon, Boost and T-Mobile, and it had no effect on the outcome. But if you have any problems, please leave a comment and we'll check it out for you.

After you make a choice, you'll get this window:

Follow the instructions and send the text message. Then click "Next."

You'll see this (below).

Enter the code that's texted to your phone, then click "Confirm." You'll see this (below).

If you scroll down the page (below) you'll find boxes to check (or not) depending on your preferences. Make sure, though, that texts are turned on. The other choices are up to you!


Why so serious?

Doctor TracFone here.

It really bothers me when people say TracFone is a ghetto phone. What is up with that?!

I see Tweets saying "#helooksgood but he got a tracfone" like it's a bad thing to own a prepaid phone!

A phone without a contract isn't as good as one with a long-term commitment??

That's crazy talk!

TracFone is not a ghetto phone!

It's not a little old lady phone!

It's actually a smart phone.

A very smart phone!

There's no bills. No hidden fees. No overages.

It won't clear your complexion, cook dinner or make your teeth whiter.

You talk and text. And never get a bill.

That's pretty chill, actually.

(If you wanna follow me on Tritter, I'm @DoctorTracFone. Accept no substitutes! LOL!!)

Exit The Matrix

It's good to be connected to some things: your family, friends, country and faith. Your school. Your dog.

But other connections can tie you down. Limit and restrict you.

Like a contract to use a cell phone.

When you sign a contract, there has to be a benefit.

If not, you're being held back. Tied down. Restrained. Abused.

Cell phone companies LOVE contracts. Love 'em!


They can pile on lots of charges and hide 'em in your bill each month: Overages, extra services, secret fees and other mysterious items that make no sense.

You know the drill. You scour your bill, trying to figure out what the heck these things are, then give up and just pay the d@#ned thing!

But why would ANYONE sign a contract to use a phone in the first place??

For a free phone.

A free phone??


By the time you finish your two-year contract, your phone is far from free. You've paid for it many times whether you know it or not!

Free yourself! Cut the chains.

See things as they really are.

You don't need a contract to use a cell phone.

Get a TracFone and break free from the tyranny of contracts!

Be happy!

International Calling on Your TracFone

It's amazing! With TracFone, International Long Distance costs the same as calls within the U.S.

Connect to anywhere in the world: Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia — and over 100 international destinations for the same price as a domestic call!

Plus, with TracFone's International Neighbors Service, you can set up an incoming local number for your friends and family in Canada and Mexico at no additional charge. They can call your TracFone for the same cost to them as a local call. Learn more here.

The world is yours — for less — with TracFone.

Click here for more information.

No Respect!

Things are changing. Prepaid phone service, which predominates throughout the world, had been the exception rather than the rule in the U.S. Now, it's the fastest-growing part of the business.


One reason is economics, of course. People want — and need — to to get more for their money. They recognize that a contract-postpaid phone is a ripoff, plain and simple.

The other factor is control. If you can determine and manage your phone costs up front, that's a great feeling. It almost never happens with a contract, though.

Signing a contact may mean a "free phone," but as a wise man once said, "Free ain't free." Monthly charges, overages, fees and other "surprise" items add up. What was once "a great deal" is now a burden. And every month, a bill arrives to remind you how screwed you are.

Unfortunately, many people believe that there's something "normal" about this. Like victims of Stockholm Syndrome, they identify with their oppressors. They even justify and praise the exploitation.

And they inexplicably scoff at prepaid as being less desirable or down-market.

It's crazy!

One sad example was pointed out recently by Jeff Blyskal at Consumer Reports' Money & Shopping Blog. T-Mobile's ad campaign that involved a "Mobile Makeover," fronted by actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Bargain hunters are encouraged to give their information to a website that evaluates their needs and makes recommendations. Over a million people used it, according to T-Mobile, Jeff reported.

The only problem is that the searches conveniently ignored prepaid providers, included TracFone, Net10 and Straight Talk.


But the ever-vigilant Jeff busted them on this, correctly pointing out that major prepaid carriers were omitted from the "Makeover."

Some makeover. Some advice.

If you really want to save money, prepaid is the only way to fly!

Sorry, Zeta!

The least expensive way to own a cell phone in America

Cell phones may be commonplace but not everybody talks and texts all the time.

Many people, particularly older ones, still think of their landline as their "home phone." Some may own a cell phone but are tied down with a contract and pay monthly fees even though they rarely — or never — use their phone.

But a cellphone has become a necessity for emergencies, security and peace of mind — especially for older people. (Younger ones, too. But that's another story!)

You can purchase a TracFone for under ten bucks and pay $20 to keep it active for 3 months. That's cheap!

You can buy a phone with Double Minutes For Life, too, for around $30. Every minute you add for as long as you own that phone is doubled!

The point is that you don't need a contract and don't have to commit to two years of monthly bills just to own a phone!

Click here to get started.

How To Get Out Of Your Cell Phone Contract For Free

From Howcast, via Lifehacker and Consumerist.

(So you can get a TracFone instead.)

Why Prepaid Makes Sense

TracFone is the least expensive ways to own and use a cell phone.

Prepaid cell phones work exactly like other cell phones, except you pay in advance. You purchase airtime as needed. It's yours to keep and use as long as your phone is active.

There's never get any surprise charges. No bills and no overages either. If you use up your minutes, you buy more. Sweet! Simple.

A prepaid cell phone is ideal for everyone, but can be especially useful for people who only need a phone for occasional or emergency use. Why sign a contract or get a monthly bill? Why pay big bucks to have something that you may not use all the time?

It's also perfect for anyone who can't handle a traditional cell phone plan; elderly family members or children, for example. Teach your kids about responsibility and money management!

Prepaid is the norm in Europe and in other parts of the world. Here in the United States, it's the fast-growing segment of the business.


Because people now realize there's no need to have a contract to use a cell phone.

Think about it.

Everyone needs a phone.

Prepaid makes it less expensive, simpler to manage and easier to use.

Click here to get started.

Motorola W376G: Sunshine

Widest Nation Coverage

How much?!?

International calling

TracFone is #2 (but that's ok)

J.D. Power and Associates, the respected consumer research firm, recently named TracFone as #2 in overall customer satisfaction among non-contract wireless users in its 2009 U.S. Wireless Prepaid Customer Satisfaction Index Study.

We're thrilled! Ecstatic! And not disappointed at all to be #2, since
our sister brand Net10 is #1.

The announcement is here and the page with the ratings is here.

MetroPCS came in dead last. Cricket, AT&T GoPhone, Verizon and T-Mobile were just above them, but still at the bottom. Sorry!

The 2009 U.S. Wireless Prepaid Customer Satisfaction Index Study, now in its fourth year, measures customer satisfaction with current non-contract wireless service across six key factors. In order of importance, they are: performance and reliability (28%); cost of service (19%); account management (17%); initial activation (15%); offerings and promotions (12%); and customer service (9%). The study is based on responses from 4,229 wireless users who currently subscribe to non-contract service plans. Findings are based on a continuous fielding period between January and June 2009.

TracFone vs. iPhone

Double Minutes For Life

What's the catch?

There isn't one.

It's pretty straightforward, actually.

Every minute you purchase for your TracFone is doubled for as long as you own the phone.

Oh, it's not transferable to another handset, and bonus (free) minutes are not doubled. But for every minute you buy, you get another one, free.

How can you grab this great deal?

Either purchase a Double Minutes For Life (DMFL) card or buy a new TracFone that comes with DMFL.

They're available from the TracFone website or retailers everywhere, including Target and Walmart.

Even Amazon.com has 'em. Here's a phone with free DMFL from Amazon for only $29.99!

Check out this blog post from a TracFone fan that explains DFML in a bit more detail, with some hints and recommendations.

Starting a business?

A friend of ours is starting a new business. She needed a phone with a local number since her old phone was from her hometown with a "long distance" number.

She bought a TracFone Motorola W376g with Double Minutes For Life, Bluetooth and a camera for $29.99. (Free shipping, too!)

With Double Minutes For Life, her ongoing costs were cut in half. And the pay-as-you-go minutes were inexpensive and easy to manage, so she could easily control her expenses.

It's a simple flip phone, but after she makes her first (or second) million, she can spend lots of money on phone bling. (But her customers won't know the difference in the meantime.)If you'd like to buy a Motorola W376g with Double Minutes For Life, please click here.

Why Prepaid?

Don't waste money.

A few years ago, cell phones as big as bricks were used only by CEOs, politicians and emergency workers. Now, they’re necessities and just about everyone has one… from kids to grandparents.

In Europe, cell phones are usually sold without contracts, but in the U.S., most of us have contracts and get monthly bills with fees and other charges that we usually don’t understand.

But a growing number of people are fed up. And they’re doing something about it.

The growing popularity of no-contract phones is no accident. People don’t mind paying a fair price but no one likes getting ripped off. In this economy, things that give us great value at low cost must be considered seriously — especially when they’re things we really need, like phones and service!

That’s why prepaid phones are so appealing: No bills, contracts or funky hidden charges. You simply buy minutes and airtime as you need them. Talk and text as much as you like! Just pay up front.

Save your money. It adds up!

TracFone saves: Do the math

This guy is a techy and an analyst. He has no use for anecdotal and intuitive information; it's either empirical or fuhgeddaboutit.

So it was with great interest that we read his recent blog post where he concluded that even when paying Verizon's early termination fee, TracFone was a better deal!

But don't take our word for it. Click on the image or click here and see for yourself!

Good deal multiplied!

An LG225 is a very nice camera phone. Paying $29.95 for it is sweet. Getting free ground shipping on the purchase is a beautiful thing. A free accessory kit for the phone is awesome. But getting Double Minutes For Life along with everything else is incredible.!

Put 'em all together and you have a terrific deal.

Go for it!

Click here to get yours!

Back To School

We came upon a nice blog post recently.

A parent was getting their child ready for college and complaining about the expense. On top of everything else, the kid's dorm room didn't have a landline, so it was necessary to get a cellphone. But the parent never had a cellphone and expenses were mounting. What to do?

Get a TracFone.

Here's what they wrote: There is cable television in every room, but there are no landline telephones! We’ve never used cell phones, and we are not going to take on an unnecessary monthly bill, so we bought a prepaid tracfone. We got a very good deal on it!

Makes perfect sense!

$17.5 Million to settle "Early Termination" lawsuit

Here's an interesting item: "A proposed national settlement has been reached in a class action proceeding alleging that Sprint, Nextel and/or Sprint Nextel's use of a flat-rate early termination fee (ETF) in its customer wireless agreement violate the Federal Communications Act and consumer protection laws of the states and of the United States. Sprint Nextel denies any liability or wrongdoing but has agreed to settle under the terms of the Settlement Agreement."

So Sprint denies any liability but is going to pay big bucks to make this go away.

Bottom line: why would anyone have a phone with a contract? It's pretty clear that the contract phone companies are the only parties that benefit from the contract. Users don't.

Prepaid cell phones are the way to go. No contracts are necessary!

TracFone Not BlingPhone

I've been poking around the Internet a bit, as usual. One of the things that I've discovered is that TracFone users seem to be loners.

There aren't hundreds of TracFone fan clubs or users' groups. Or if there are, I haven't found very many.

Not sure why. Maybe it's because TracFones aren't particularly sexy; they mostly appeal to people who want to talk and text and save money.

The phones themselves are good, but they don't make coffee, shoot flames or cure erectile dysfunction. They just allow users to talk, text, surf the Web... that sort of thing.

They're phones, not bling.

Regardless, here's a great resource, with links to info on TracFone and other relevant stuff. There's also a link to the Yahoo TracFone Users' Group... which I will definitely check out. LOL!

Buy a Phone with Double Minutes For Life

The Motorola W376g is less than 30 bucks and comes with Free Double Minutes For Life.


Sharing is a beautiful thing

I'm not greedy. I'm generous.

Whenever I have something, I like to share.

My neighbor dropped off a bunch of tomatoes last week but the week before, I gave him some fish I caught on my vacation. I had plenty and my freezer was full. Sharing is a beautiful thing.

So in that spirit, please allow me to share a a promo code for a FREE accessory kit. Just enter it in the appropriate place (you'll see) when you order your TracFone online.

It's 88160.

Oh, and be sure to order a TracFone that comes with Double Minutes For Life, too.

Is TracFone "disposable"?

I heard some bozo the other day refer to my TracFone as "a disposable phone."

"Excuse me? What does that mean exactly?"

Well, the guy was a friend so I was polite, but he stammered and stuttered and said something about it being "disposable" because I didn't have a contract.

That's what made it "disposable?" The fact that I didn't have a stupid, expensive contract that tied me to my cell-phone provider for two years (or more) made my phone "disposable"?!?

I think not.

The fact is that my TracFone gets great reception and saves me tons of money. I didn't have to sign up for two years, go through a credit check or subject myself to bills with crazy charges and screwy fees for things I don't want... and sure as hell don't want to pay for, either.

I don't understand why prepaid phones don't get the love they deserve. My cousin lived in Europe for a a few months for his jobs and told me that most phones over there are prepaid. So what is the big deal?

I think we're been brainwashed. Maybe it's because we think that signing a contract to use a phone is normal and natural. It isn't.

In fact, I think the contract is what needs to be disposable. ASAP!

Double up

I'm kind of astonished that people aren't going nuts about Double Minutes For Life.

It's really an amazing deal: half-off on minutes for as long as you own your phone.

Some TracFones come with it already which is awesome but you can buy a card and get it too.

Here's a link to check it out.

Congrats to Net10!

They're #1... but TracFone is #2 ... ahead of Boost Mobile, Verizon, Virgin Mobile, AT&T GoPhone, Sprint, Metro PCS, Cricket etc.