Justin Ditched His iPhone For A TracFone!

We got a big laugh from reading Justin Wright's awesome blog post, "6 Reasons Why I Ditched My iPhone." It's funny, outrageous -- and true.

As cool as iPhones are, he paid way too much for the privilege of owning one -- every month! He also had some "issues" in dealing with AT&T, so he's very pleased to not have to interact with them again.

But the thing that really knocked us out was the 4th item on his list: "I Bought A Tracfone".

Here's what Justin wrote: "You read the right. I’ve upgraded from an iPhone to a Tracfone. Look how badass my new Motorola phone is. Not only is it lighter than my old iPhone, but it’s smaller. It even traveled forward in time from 1997. Best of all, it even has the one application I constantly used on my iPhone: a calculator.

I did a ton of research before canceling my iPhone plan because I wanted to keep the phone number just in case people still call it. So I knew that getting a prepaid cell phone was my best option. When I went to the store I wasn’t sure which phone I was going to get but I ended up with the Tracfone. The main reason being that I only need to add 20 bucks every three months to keep the phone active. That comes out at roughly $6.67 a month for my cell phone.

I also opted for one of the phones that doubles your minutes for life. Even better, I also managed to find a promo code online for some extra minutes and an extra month worth of service. I now have over 280 minutes and don’t have to add any until April of next year. Those minutes will easily cover the call and text messages I make while not at home. It will mainly be used for emergencies or when I really need to get in touch with someone.

Porting my number was really simple. I just went on to Tracfone’s website and started the port process. They automatically canceled my AT&T account once the port came over to this phone."

Using SMS (Texts) to update Facebook

Whether you have a phone equipped with Mobile Web Access or not, if you can send a short text (6 digits), you can update your status on Facebook. (You can also receive friends' Facebook updates, if you like.) Complete instructions are on Facebook's site.

You must sign in to your account first. Once you do, here's how to get started: After signing in, click on "Settings" on the blue bar on the top of the screen, just to the right of your name.

That will take you to this page, "My Account." Just click on the link (circled below) for "Mobile."

That will take you here. Click on "Register for Facebook Mobile Texts" (circled below).

You'll then see this (below).

You can choose any carrier. TracFone isn't listed, but it doesn't seem to matter. It's probably an internal Facebook thing and should not affect your ability to text.

We tried AT&T, Cellcom, Verizon, Boost and T-Mobile, and it had no effect on the outcome. But if you have any problems, please leave a comment and we'll check it out for you.

After you make a choice, you'll get this window:

Follow the instructions and send the text message. Then click "Next."

You'll see this (below).

Enter the code that's texted to your phone, then click "Confirm." You'll see this (below).

If you scroll down the page (below) you'll find boxes to check (or not) depending on your preferences. Make sure, though, that texts are turned on. The other choices are up to you!


Why so serious?

Doctor TracFone here.

It really bothers me when people say TracFone is a ghetto phone. What is up with that?!

I see Tweets saying "#helooksgood but he got a tracfone" like it's a bad thing to own a prepaid phone!

A phone without a contract isn't as good as one with a long-term commitment??

That's crazy talk!

TracFone is not a ghetto phone!

It's not a little old lady phone!

It's actually a smart phone.

A very smart phone!

There's no bills. No hidden fees. No overages.

It won't clear your complexion, cook dinner or make your teeth whiter.

You talk and text. And never get a bill.

That's pretty chill, actually.

(If you wanna follow me on Tritter, I'm @DoctorTracFone. Accept no substitutes! LOL!!)

Exit The Matrix

It's good to be connected to some things: your family, friends, country and faith. Your school. Your dog.

But other connections can tie you down. Limit and restrict you.

Like a contract to use a cell phone.

When you sign a contract, there has to be a benefit.

If not, you're being held back. Tied down. Restrained. Abused.

Cell phone companies LOVE contracts. Love 'em!


They can pile on lots of charges and hide 'em in your bill each month: Overages, extra services, secret fees and other mysterious items that make no sense.

You know the drill. You scour your bill, trying to figure out what the heck these things are, then give up and just pay the d@#ned thing!

But why would ANYONE sign a contract to use a phone in the first place??

For a free phone.

A free phone??


By the time you finish your two-year contract, your phone is far from free. You've paid for it many times whether you know it or not!

Free yourself! Cut the chains.

See things as they really are.

You don't need a contract to use a cell phone.

Get a TracFone and break free from the tyranny of contracts!

Be happy!