Cool phones for TracFone??!

Maybe you felt a shudder in the fabric of the universe. Maybe it was The Force. Whatever oit was, the world will never be the same.


TracFone, our favorite money-saving prepaid cell phone company, now has two VERY cool phones.

Really. You won't have to put up with that cutting-edge 90s technology just to save some dough.

Both new phones are from from LG.

The LG 500G is a QWERTY phone, meaning the keypad layout is like a computer (or typewriter, if you're under 30) keyboard. This makes texting much easier. It also aids in Web browsing, since users needn't mess around with the limited characters that a regular numerical keypad offers.

The LG 800G is a touch screen phone. There's no keypad; the touch screen becomes a virtual QWERTY keyboard, as needed. It's a very modern, sleek and light-weight phone, too.

If you'd like to purchase either of these new TracFones, please click here.

Here's TracFone guru Patrick's video review of the unboxing of his new LG 800G.

Make a good deal better with promo Codes

TracFone saves. That's a well known fact.

Double Minutes For Life make the savings even sweeter.

And Promo Codes are the cherry on the sundae.

How? When you order TracFone Airtime from the Web or your phone, you enter them and get extra minutes. (They won't double, but they ARE free!)

Here's a link to a site that does a very nice job collecting Tracfone news and their most recent collection of promo codes.



All this technology, all these so-called labor-saving devices, and life is more complicated than ever.

We're all busy like never before.

It's insane.

Most of us use our phone to talk and text (and possibly check email).

Wanna do more?

Hello! They're phones! They're not little computers!

TracFone is ideal for those of us who want to use our phones for talking and texting.

It's not complicated. In fact, it's super simple.

You choose a phone, buy it, activate it and add airtime.

Add more airtime when needed.

Uncomplicated. Simple.

You may not be able to avoid dealing with most of life's complications, but TracFone provides a great place to start.

No commitment

Here's what a friend of ours told us the other day:

"I hate commitments. I mean, I don't mind being in a relationship but I like to keep my options open.... if you know what I mean.

Same thing with everything else. I like certain restaurants but would never eat at the same place every day or even every week. I like a little variety.

That's not to say I'm disloyal. If something is good, you'd have to be crazy to avoid or ignore it. And that's my point. Choice is a good thing.

That's why I like TracFone. I didn't have to to sign a contract and the phones are not expensive at all.

I can talk and text as little or as much as I want to -- and can afford.

If I want to "upgrade," I don't have to sign another contract. I just buy another phone.

No commitment required. That's what I'm talking about!"