Beware eBay Scammers!

Please purchase Airtime only from the TracFone website or a reputable retailer. We've received reports of online scammers using eBay to cheat TracFone customers using their own credit cards!

Please be careful and avoid eBay for Airtime purchases.

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We're #2. Again!

For the second year in a row, NET10 is #1 and sister brand TracFone is #2 in overall customer satisfaction, according to J.D. Power and Associates, the highly respected marketing information services company:

NET10 ranks highest in overall customer satisfaction among non-contract wireless customers for a second consecutive time, with a score of 797. NET10 performs particularly well in three of the six factors that drive overall satisfaction: performance and reliability; cost of service; and account management.

TracFone placed second, ahead of many of its "competitors."

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Talk To Win!

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Real TracFone Customers

Don't sign a contract!

Why make a long-term commitment just to make calls and send texts? It's crazy!

No contracts. No bills. No surprises.

Get a TracFone.


TracFone saves you money. There's never a bill, no overcharges or extra fees or (bad) surprises.

You pay up front for minutes and airtime, and when you run out, you buy more. Simple!

You never pay more than what you've already budgeted. And you never pay for something you don't use.

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TracFone Forum

Need help with a technical issue?

Now, register and post your Tracfone issues and get help from experienced Customer Service professionals.

Visit the TracFone Forum any time you have a question about your TracFone or your service.

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A great second phone!

For whatever reason -- business, pleasure or both -- a second phone can come in handy.

We know a guy who uses his TracFone with a local area code for customers to reach him when he leaves the office to travel out of town. One lady uses her TracFone for her personal affairs, apart from her business phone. A third person uses his TracFone exclusively for his freelance work.

You get the idea. You may already own a fancy smartphone with every imaginable bell and whistle but a good, solid reliable -- and inexpensive -- TracFone is a great addition to your personal tool box, too!
Have fun with TracFone!

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Summer Fun!

Let's face it: we like to put our brains in "neutral" over the summer so we can relax and have fun.

For families, it's a time for vacations and adventure. Here's a suggestion: grab a TracFone to use as an extra phone for the kids, the relative, seniors and out-of-town visitors.

It's a great, inexpensve way to keep in touch without running up huge bills, overages and more. You can pick up a TracFone for under ten bucks and buy some minutes,you're good to go... anywhere.

Have fun with TracFone!

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I LOVE the fact that I can add time to my TracFone by purchasing a card at a retail store. Cash, baby! LOL!

I can also add time online or directly from my TracFone.

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Consumer Reports on Prepaid Phones

A Mighty Network!

TracFone is renowned for its simple, easy-to-use and low-cost phones. But there's another thing that's less well known: coverage.

TracFone's coverage is rock-solid all over the country.


TracFone users brag to each other about making and receiving calls in areas that big-time brand name service phones can't!

No dropped calls, "dead zones" or "no-service" areas with TracFone.

But why??

TracFone uses the best network available in each area, whether it's Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T -- whatever! When you go to buy a phone on the TracFone website, the first thing you're asked is your zip code. That determines which network works best for you, so you're offered the right phones.

Bottom line: less money, better coverage with TracFone.

Is TracFone your best bet?

The answer, of course, depends on how much you use your phone.

But for many people, TracFone is the best choice.

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TracFone LG410 Bundle with Double Minutes For Life & Accessories

Get the popular TracFone LG410G with DMFL, a hands-free headset, car charger and phone case.

The compact flip phone has Bluetooth, Mobile Web access, text messaging, voice mail and more.

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Same as a local call!

With TracFone, you can call over 100 international destinations for the same price as a local call.

Unconditional love. Zero Commitment.

Give a TracFone for Valentine's Day

Give your loved one a great Samsung T301G slider phone with Double Minutes For Life upon activation and a 60 Minutes Card that turns into 120 minutes when added to this phone.

Includes FREE SHIPPING. Only $19.99.

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TracFones for Elder Safety

From Knoxville, TN's

"If you care for someone who lives alone, checking on them could be complicated by poor road conditions and communication. That's where a safety network comes in, said Waters.

One alternative is purchasing a prepaid cellphone that will work even if phone lines are down. TracFones and other similar prepaid phones are available for as little as $10 at retailers like Target. You can activate the phone and then buy cards to add additional minutes. Minutes also have expiration dates though, so be careful.

If your elderly loved one does not have a cellphone, a TracFone used for emergency purposes, may be a good idea.

'This is a good time to remind people to set up networks of safety. Perhaps the neighbors next door to reach out, and befriend neighbors of neighbors, and neighbors of family members so that they can also look out for one another," said Waters.'"

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The least expensive way to own a cell phone!

How much does a cell phone contract cost?

W376g Review

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