Why Prepaid?

Don't waste money.

A few years ago, cell phones as big as bricks were used only by CEOs, politicians and emergency workers. Now, they’re necessities and just about everyone has one… from kids to grandparents.

In Europe, cell phones are usually sold without contracts, but in the U.S., most of us have contracts and get monthly bills with fees and other charges that we usually don’t understand.

But a growing number of people are fed up. And they’re doing something about it.

The growing popularity of no-contract phones is no accident. People don’t mind paying a fair price but no one likes getting ripped off. In this economy, things that give us great value at low cost must be considered seriously — especially when they’re things we really need, like phones and service!

That’s why prepaid phones are so appealing: No bills, contracts or funky hidden charges. You simply buy minutes and airtime as you need them. Talk and text as much as you like! Just pay up front.

Save your money. It adds up!


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