An image problem for TracFone? LOL!

Now that TracFone has a QWERTY phone and a Touch Screen Phone (LG 500G and LG 800G), their reputation may be in jeopardy.

People who thought of them as low-end and downmarket may have to think again!

Sure, they're not Androids or iPhones.

But a QWERTY TracFone for under 30 bucks is pretty wild.

And a genuine Touch Screen TracFone for under 50 bucks is nothing less than revolutionary.

And no contract? No bills? Pay as you go?

That may even be MORE revolutionary, though it's nothing new for TracFone.



Jean5643 said...

I think You can put your money on Tracfone to have a very successful next quarter thanks to these 2 new phones they've just launched, the LG800G touch phone qwerty keyboard phone ($49.99 with DMFL) and the LG500G qwerty keyboard phone ($29.99 with DMFL).
I think the reason why the millions of customers have made Tracfone into the biggest prepaid company in the US is because Tracfone offers super cheap prices on plans & phones and they offer the best coverage because they use the major networks but charge a fraction of the prices that the contract customers are paying who are bound to the major networks.
I've seen that this little LG500G qwerty keyboard phone looks a similar to the LG900G and it has mobile web browsing, bluetooth, 1.3mp camcorder, APP capable, MMS, MP3, etc.
The LG800G touch phone qwerty has the same features as the LG500G but instead has a 2mp camcorder.

I also think Tracfone will attract more customers because of Tracfone Straight Talk's new feature that's just been launched - international calling.

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