Exit The Matrix

It's good to be connected to some things: your family, friends, country and faith. Your school. Your dog.

But other connections can tie you down. Limit and restrict you.

Like a contract to use a cell phone.

When you sign a contract, there has to be a benefit.

If not, you're being held back. Tied down. Restrained. Abused.

Cell phone companies LOVE contracts. Love 'em!


They can pile on lots of charges and hide 'em in your bill each month: Overages, extra services, secret fees and other mysterious items that make no sense.

You know the drill. You scour your bill, trying to figure out what the heck these things are, then give up and just pay the d@#ned thing!

But why would ANYONE sign a contract to use a phone in the first place??

For a free phone.

A free phone??


By the time you finish your two-year contract, your phone is far from free. You've paid for it many times whether you know it or not!

Free yourself! Cut the chains.

See things as they really are.

You don't need a contract to use a cell phone.

Get a TracFone and break free from the tyranny of contracts!

Be happy!


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