Why so serious?

Doctor TracFone here.

It really bothers me when people say TracFone is a ghetto phone. What is up with that?!

I see Tweets saying "#helooksgood but he got a tracfone" like it's a bad thing to own a prepaid phone!

A phone without a contract isn't as good as one with a long-term commitment??

That's crazy talk!

TracFone is not a ghetto phone!

It's not a little old lady phone!

It's actually a smart phone.

A very smart phone!

There's no bills. No hidden fees. No overages.

It won't clear your complexion, cook dinner or make your teeth whiter.

You talk and text. And never get a bill.

That's pretty chill, actually.

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wallywombat said...

If only there were smart phone options....

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