Is TracFone Right For You?

Simplify your life with TracFone.
  • TracFone is for everyone: easy to use, reliable and inexpensive.
  • Phones and airtime options fit any budget, every lifestyle.
  • Easy: Choose your phone, buy & activate airtime and you’re good to go!
  • No activation fees, cancellation charges or monthly bills.
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Are you stuck with a contract cell phone?

  • Paying $40, $50 or more every month?
  • Shocked by bills with hidden fees?
  • Gouged with punitive charges and cancellation penalties?
  • With TracFone there’s NO credit checks, contracts, bills, activation fees, overage charges or cancellation penalties -- no kidding!

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Already use a prepaid cell phone?
  • Go with #1. TracFone is America’s #1 prepaid wireless company.
  • Easy to add minutes and days of service: pay as you go, no contract annual and monthly plans.
  • Manage and control usage: Your phone’s patented airtime-balance display shows remaining minutes and service-end date.
  • Money-saving unlimited carry-over minutes and service days. Buy more and add to your TracFone with active service.


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