A Mighty Network!

TracFone is renowned for its simple, easy-to-use and low-cost phones. But there's another thing that's less well known: coverage.

TracFone's coverage is rock-solid all over the country.


TracFone users brag to each other about making and receiving calls in areas that big-time brand name service phones can't!

No dropped calls, "dead zones" or "no-service" areas with TracFone.

But why??

TracFone uses the best network available in each area, whether it's Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T -- whatever! When you go to buy a phone on the TracFone website, the first thing you're asked is your zip code. That determines which network works best for you, so you're offered the right phones.

Bottom line: less money, better coverage with TracFone.


David said...

You say: "TracFone's coverage is rock-solid all over the country." Only if you are in a big city! But if you are are in a rural area, it's hit & miss trying to find a tracfone signal!

David said...

You say: "No dropped calls, "dead zones" or "no-service" areas with TracFone."
But there are thousands of tracfone users that know this is far from the truth!
In rural areas there are a LOT of "dead zones" and "no-service" areas with Tracfone.

David said...

To come anywhere close to having service in all of Tracfones's service area you would have to have three (3) activated Tracfones, one CDMA tracfone, one GSM tracfone with a C4 sim card, and one GSM tracfone with T5 sim card... at thrice the cost!

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