Don't sign a contract!

Why make a long-term commitment just to make calls and send texts? It's crazy!

No contracts. No bills. No surprises.

Get a TracFone.


David said...

You posts about tracfone's coverage area is full of a lot of false hype, or just plain lies.
You must be Carlos Slim's #1 but kisser.

DaraR said...

I must disagree with you david. I have a tracfone and the coverage is really great. Maybe you just have some bad phone or something because i have had tracfone for a long time and its worked perfectly.

nicky12 said...

For me this is a great kind of phone. , trafone really have taken the care to think what makes there customers happy, I dont have to be forced into some contract where I am paying way more than I actually use.Also They are the most relaible carrier i have ever used.

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