Keep your business and personal affairs separate

Of course, TracFone is a great primary phone. As the least expensive way to own a cell phone in the country, it's a perfect replacement for a landline. Why pay for a home phone when you can replace it with a TracFone?

And if you use a cell phone, why bother signing a contract and getting a bill every month?

Many people have TracFones for their business. They know when it rings, it's a customer so they can keep business and personal calls separate.

Others may find that a TracFone strictly dedicated to specific purposes can be a smart idea.

It can be a VERY good way to help manage your affairs, so to speak.

Just sayin'.


hal893 said...

THis is certainly true. With tracfone you only pay for what you use and nothing more. It is great to have complete control over your own money.

Lesley said...

Each member of my family keep's a tracfone for emergencies when we go out into the remote areas to go hiking, cycling and climbing in various states, because the coverage has been jolly good on our simple $9.99 Samsung T105G's and clarity of the conversation is fine. Using promocodes for extra minutes and double minutes for life has given us super value for our minutes.

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