Why the great coverage

It's not a secret... but maybe it is since you never hear them talk about it.

But we will.

TracFone uses the power of Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. When you're using a TracFone, you're on one of those networks.


Well that explains why TracFone gets such amazing coverage everywhere.


People are astonished when they get a signal on their humble little TracFones in places that the expensive phones get NOTHING.

It's amazing but true. Three networks.

On TracFone, no less!


hal891 said...

This is quite right. Tracfone have got better reception than anyone else because they use all of these networks. It really is quite funny that a cheap , dinky little Tracfone will outperform the most expensive smartphone

Lesley said...

Our whole hiking club uses these phones when they go out into the country because the coverage is so thorough and signal is so good and Tracfone phones are as little as $9.99. We keep our spare Tracfone in the car for any emergencies.

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