No commitment

Here's what a friend of ours told us the other day:

"I hate commitments. I mean, I don't mind being in a relationship but I like to keep my options open.... if you know what I mean.

Same thing with everything else. I like certain restaurants but would never eat at the same place every day or even every week. I like a little variety.

That's not to say I'm disloyal. If something is good, you'd have to be crazy to avoid or ignore it. And that's my point. Choice is a good thing.

That's why I like TracFone. I didn't have to to sign a contract and the phones are not expensive at all.

I can talk and text as little or as much as I want to -- and can afford.

If I want to "upgrade," I don't have to sign another contract. I just buy another phone.

No commitment required. That's what I'm talking about!"


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