Cool phones for TracFone??!

Maybe you felt a shudder in the fabric of the universe. Maybe it was The Force. Whatever oit was, the world will never be the same.


TracFone, our favorite money-saving prepaid cell phone company, now has two VERY cool phones.

Really. You won't have to put up with that cutting-edge 90s technology just to save some dough.

Both new phones are from from LG.

The LG 500G is a QWERTY phone, meaning the keypad layout is like a computer (or typewriter, if you're under 30) keyboard. This makes texting much easier. It also aids in Web browsing, since users needn't mess around with the limited characters that a regular numerical keypad offers.

The LG 800G is a touch screen phone. There's no keypad; the touch screen becomes a virtual QWERTY keyboard, as needed. It's a very modern, sleek and light-weight phone, too.

If you'd like to purchase either of these new TracFones, please click here.

Here's TracFone guru Patrick's video review of the unboxing of his new LG 800G.


Jean5643 said...

Finally!! I think that Tracfone has some cool phones at super cheap prices.
I'm totally exited about these phones and want to get the LG800G as I think it has sooo many features.
I even found out that Tracfone has a phone for seniors like the Samsung T155G that is hearing aid friendly, with larger keys and letters and therefore easier to use. As I predicted the phone is dirt cheap, $15 which is affordable for struggling pensioners not to mention the $7/month service fee.
I trust Tracfone because I don't think that they try to overcharge you for their product and I think that I've had really great coverage in all the years I've used them.

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