Tops in Satisfaction!

"Tops in the survey among prepaid cell phone carriers was TracFone, which includes Straight Talk. According to the poll, TracFone had an 82 percent consumer satisfaction rating, while Straight Talk finished second in the survey with a 78 percent rating."

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yoos said...

What is even more fantastic about the touchscreen for under 50 bucks is that it comes with triple minutes for life!!! For every minute that you purchase you get 3, that is 100minutes gives you 300minutes - an amazing deal. Not to worry you LG500 purchasers, with your cellphone for under 30 bucks, you get double minutes. There are also the bonus codes that you can look out for and before you know it you are paying next to nothing to run your phone

Unknown said...

Of course Tracfone is tops. Who offers the deals that they have? A double minute card can transform your pocket and all you need to do is talk for double the time. Amongst the crowd that I hang out with we all use Tracfones and none of us is complaining

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