No Respect!

Things are changing. Prepaid phone service, which predominates throughout the world, had been the exception rather than the rule in the U.S. Now, it's the fastest-growing part of the business.


One reason is economics, of course. People want — and need — to to get more for their money. They recognize that a contract-postpaid phone is a ripoff, plain and simple.

The other factor is control. If you can determine and manage your phone costs up front, that's a great feeling. It almost never happens with a contract, though.

Signing a contact may mean a "free phone," but as a wise man once said, "Free ain't free." Monthly charges, overages, fees and other "surprise" items add up. What was once "a great deal" is now a burden. And every month, a bill arrives to remind you how screwed you are.

Unfortunately, many people believe that there's something "normal" about this. Like victims of Stockholm Syndrome, they identify with their oppressors. They even justify and praise the exploitation.

And they inexplicably scoff at prepaid as being less desirable or down-market.

It's crazy!

One sad example was pointed out recently by Jeff Blyskal at Consumer Reports' Money & Shopping Blog. T-Mobile's ad campaign that involved a "Mobile Makeover," fronted by actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Bargain hunters are encouraged to give their information to a website that evaluates their needs and makes recommendations. Over a million people used it, according to T-Mobile, Jeff reported.

The only problem is that the searches conveniently ignored prepaid providers, included TracFone, Net10 and Straight Talk.


But the ever-vigilant Jeff busted them on this, correctly pointing out that major prepaid carriers were omitted from the "Makeover."

Some makeover. Some advice.

If you really want to save money, prepaid is the only way to fly!

Sorry, Zeta!


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