The least expensive way to own a cell phone in America

Cell phones may be commonplace but not everybody talks and texts all the time.

Many people, particularly older ones, still think of their landline as their "home phone." Some may own a cell phone but are tied down with a contract and pay monthly fees even though they rarely — or never — use their phone.

But a cellphone has become a necessity for emergencies, security and peace of mind — especially for older people. (Younger ones, too. But that's another story!)

You can purchase a TracFone for under ten bucks and pay $20 to keep it active for 3 months. That's cheap!

You can buy a phone with Double Minutes For Life, too, for around $30. Every minute you add for as long as you own that phone is doubled!

The point is that you don't need a contract and don't have to commit to two years of monthly bills just to own a phone!

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