Why Prepaid Makes Sense

TracFone is the least expensive ways to own and use a cell phone.

Prepaid cell phones work exactly like other cell phones, except you pay in advance. You purchase airtime as needed. It's yours to keep and use as long as your phone is active.

There's never get any surprise charges. No bills and no overages either. If you use up your minutes, you buy more. Sweet! Simple.

A prepaid cell phone is ideal for everyone, but can be especially useful for people who only need a phone for occasional or emergency use. Why sign a contract or get a monthly bill? Why pay big bucks to have something that you may not use all the time?

It's also perfect for anyone who can't handle a traditional cell phone plan; elderly family members or children, for example. Teach your kids about responsibility and money management!

Prepaid is the norm in Europe and in other parts of the world. Here in the United States, it's the fast-growing segment of the business.


Because people now realize there's no need to have a contract to use a cell phone.

Think about it.

Everyone needs a phone.

Prepaid makes it less expensive, simpler to manage and easier to use.

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